Considering An Office Loft Conversion?

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What Is A Loft Conversion?

A loft conversion is the process of turning a non-office building into a workable office space. These offices in loft spaces can include warehouses, docks, factories, or other industrial buildings that are transformed into a unique and trendy workspace. The idea became popular in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City in the 1960s. Today, it has continued to be a popular way of gaining more space and creating interesting and architecturally unique office spaces. Converting empty loft space is a great way to maximize your office and gain some extra space.

The Office Remodeling Process

We can guide you through the process and can assist with design, and feasibility. There are some minimum requirements in regards to the pitch of the roof and the head space that determine whether the loft area can be converted into an area that can be used for office space or residential living.

By opening up a larger space in your building you can maximize the space and even sublet or share the area. Shared offices with some communal facilities is gaining popularity as it offers a great deal of versatility for start up or micro businesses. Shared offices with complementary businesses offer the opportunity for collaboration, networking and reduced overheads.

If you have a loft space that you think would be great for converting to an office, contact Stages Construction. Our experienced construction team will come and inspect your property and talk through the different options that are available. We can work within your budget to ensure that you get maximum value out of your office remodeling project.