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The benefits of soundproofing

Soundproofing your home or at least a room is something that every home owner has considered. There are some real advantages and benefits, so depending on your circumstances it might be well worth the effort.

If you work from home or would simply like a quiet place to concentrate soundproofing may be a viable option for you to create a room that has less noise penetration that the other rooms in the house.

However, there is also the option of soundproofing a room to stop sound exiting the room. This might be a good option if you have a drummer in the family! You can create a room where they can play the drums or other musical instruments without disturbing the rest of the family. This would also be good for a home theatre room where you might want to have movies play loudly or watch a sports game without disturbing the rest of the family or waking the baby! There are also practical rooms in the house to soundproof like the laundry to reduce the sound of noisy appliances. Window soundproofing is a great way to reduce road traffic noise. An experienced contractor can help you determine what would be best for your lifestyle and goals.

It isn’t just the benefit of your quiet enjoyment of the house with the addition of soundproofing, but real estate agents will tell you that houses sell better with soundproofing. This is particularly the case for ‘hard to sell’ houses, if the house is less desirable because it is on a busy road or next to a train line then the addition of soundproofing removes that objection by prospective buyers.

Because some soundproofing techniques include adding insulation to the walls or ceiling this has some other benefits. These include reduced utility bills because there is less need for heating and cooling, instant increased capacity of existing heaters and coolers and reduce maintenance due to less use of these systems.

You can’t underestimate the improved quality of life and living if the house or a room is creating a quieter, more peaceful space to relax. For someone who lives on a busy road or has noisy neighbours, soundproofing their bedroom could have a hugely positive impact on their health if they are getting a better quality sleep as a result of the soundproofing.

No matter what your situation, the size of your project or your budget, we can help with a solution. Contact STAGES Construction today so that we can discuss your project and provide you with some solutions.